Hi folks!
Today, better tonight, I just developed a little example on how can you use Semantic Web to represent people effortlessly ;-)
Well, don’t you know FOAF? FOAF means Friend Of A Friend and it’s a vocabulary to define people on the web with a certain logic and semantic.
And what can I do when I’ve defined myself in that way, you’re asking to yourself? Nothing, but the others will be happy because it’s easier to manage your data stored in this way.

Let’s have a look to this simple example: www.wilky/foaf/
Now, put my FOAF representation ( and see what happens :-D
Try with yours!

If you don’t have your personal foaf.rdf yet, just make it:

PS: if there will some problems, don’t panic! It’s normal. It’s a cross-domain problem: I’m gonna fix it.