Recently, I’ve had the need to develop a web application that uses HTML5 websocket.
Well, looking around I found phpwebsocket, a simple implementation of what I’ve searched, both client and server side: unfortunately, the last update was dated November 24, 2010. Damn!
The problem was the incompatibility of phpwebsocket with the new protocol hybi-17, implemented on Firefox 7+ and Chrome 15+.
So, I’ve rolled up my sleeves and I started to build a new version of phpwebsocket…

[a couple days later ...]

And here we are!
A new version of phpwebsocket is been released by myself!
Now, you can download it at THIS link but I hope you will do it shortly through the original web site: in fact, I asked to George Nava (the creator of phpwebsocket) to upload my work ;)

Hope you enjoy it!